Telling a good painting contractor from a bad one is not only hard, but also VERY important.

Choose the wrong one and you may see a drop in both the quality and the numbers in your bank account when you have to fix all their errors.

When searching for a painting contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area or New York

City, you must do your due diligence to ensure that you are hiring a professional. A

painting contractor who will provide high-quality work and meet your needs and


Here are 7 ways to tell if you’re hiring a good painting contractor or a bad one:

1. Credentials:

A reputable, good painting contractor should be licensed, bonded, and


Confirm that the contractor you’re considering has met local, state,

and federal regulatory requirements and can provide proof of licensing and


2. Past Performance:

Research the contractor’s reputation by checking their

references and reviews from previous clients.

You will get a sense of their

experience level and quality of work by doing your research.

Customized Approach: Every project is unique and different. It is crucial to choose a

contractor who will take the time to understand your specific needs and tailor

their approach to meeting them.

3. Quality of Materials and Techniques:

A professional painter will use high-quality

paints and materials and understand various painting techniques and

how to prepare surfaces for painting properly.

4. Attention to Detail:

A good painting contractor will pay close attention to detail and

ensure the work is done to the highest standards.

Suppose the contractor you

are considering is giving you only a half-page handwritten quote. In that case,

some of the necessary information for such an important project is missing.

5. Communication:

A good contractor will keep you informed throughout the

process, from the initial estimate to the final walk-through. They will be

responsive to your questions and concerns and ensure you are satisfied with

the work (particularly if you’re doing some residential painting).

If communication is poor during the estimate process, it will likely

be lacking during the painting process.

6. Guarantee/Warranty:

A good contractor will stand behind their work and be

willing to provide a guarantee or warranty on their work. Ensure the

contractor gives you a written warranty, not just a handshake promise.

7. W-2 Employees vs. 1099 contractors:

There are two primary reasons why it is

essential to understand the difference between W-2 employees and 1099

independent contractors:

a) Limited Control.

Contractors have limited control

over how 1099 contractors work and when they work. How can the

contractor ensure that projects are completed on time and to the company’s

standards when they have no control over the 1099 contractor?

b) Liability:

1099 contractors are not covered under most labor laws, which means that

companies are not responsible for providing a safe working environment or

protecting the contractor from discrimination or harassment.

In the event of

an accident or significant labor issues, the liability of the problem could be

passed along to the property owner.

Does Anyone Really Meet All These Requirements?

It‘s hard to find a good painting contractor, one that has all the details mentioned above.

You should really check in-depth when looking for them. Google locally, and see what’s appearing first.

Few contractors in New York City or the San Francisco Bay Area can say they do all of these, so check for professionals that have the most experience in the industry.

If you‘re serious about quality and want someone with years of experience in the field, then you should schedule a consultation with us here.

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