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Why Blank Canvas Painting?

1. Flexibility
The number one reason anyone chooses to become self-employed is to control their destiny. Much of that feeling of control comes from flexibility and choice. The ability to choose when you work and where you put your effort.

2. Work/life balance
What every self-employed business owner knows to be true is there is almost no line between their personal life and business life. Work/life balance can be a false notion, so we help you to discover and make sure owning your own painting business fits into your life and not the other way around.

3. Self-fulfillment
Being self-employed is always striving to reach your full potential and seeing tangible results of your efforts. If you ever felt that outcome is more important than the output it’s because is not about the hours put in. It’s about how you feel about yourself and the feelings of pride, accomplishment and the results you achieve.

4. Our Mission
Blank Canvas Painting Mission is to provide all of it’s members a life of dignity and financial stability while we all learn, grow and work together to create a life of abundance. Blank Canvas Painting partners don’t quit because we are building our dream and there are no obstacles that we can’t be overcome together.

5. Impact
While money and supporting a lifestyle is often a primary objective of a self-employed business owner, it is not solely the reason they work so hard. It’s also to make a difference in their communities, employees and clients.

6. Support.
We know what is like starting your own business from cero and how hard is to take the first step and stay on the road. Leaving behind a job with a steady paycheck can be as hard as quitting smoking. You know you need to quit, but that paycheck is addicting. There are many reasons why many people won’t start their own businesses even though they know in their hearts that is what they want and desire. These are just some of the many reasons why people do not take action:

  • Do not have the resources (time & money).
  • Fear of failure.
  • Do not have the experience or education.
  • Lack of stability.
  • Personal struggles.

What makes us different from any other franchise or company is that we have gone through all of those struggles and we can unlike anyone else support you every step of the way. Everyone’s circumstances are different and we want to help you to achieve your dreams.

The only way to find out whether we are the right fit for each other is by contacting us. Let’s talk! Fill out this basic form and we will contact you to discuss possibilities.